We welcome and Celebrate our new AMA Volunteers!


This year's volunteers will join us for Orientation August 7th-12th in Worcester, MA! Please keep them in your prayers while they are on mission!


These five women come from far and wide across the USA: They represent Ohio, Michigan, Massachusetts, Minnesota, and Colorado and will serve in England, the Philippines, Worcester, and Chaparral-- a colorful and diverse group! Thank you, AMA's!




“Here Come the AMA’s”

Introducing the 2013-2014 AMA Volunteers 

(As of June 8, 2013)


                                  Lauren Brinkman- Newcastle, England


Hello, I’m Lauren from Cincinnati, OH, a 2010 graduate from Xavier University (Cincinnati, OH), where I earned an Honors Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy, Politics, and the Public, with a dual major in International Affairs: Business Concentration, and Business and History minors.  After graduation, I accepted a position in pharmaceutical research.  Coming from a large, extended family that celebrates life together, I value the time and traditions shared with family and friends.  The 2nd oldest of four, my parents, sisters, brother, and I often have lively conversation with differing opinions, but I won’t have it any other way.  Besides hanging out with family and friends, I enjoy being involved in my community as a member of a Young Professional’s Choir (yp/CC), Board Member for the ProKids Young Professionals organization, volunteer at HONK (Housing Opportunities of Northern Kentucky) doing housing rehab, and teaching Sunday School to 3rd and 4th grade.


Despite all my wonderful ties to Cincinnati, I’m very excited to travel to and live in the UK as an AMA volunteer and can’t wait to get started working at Kids Kabin! When I found AMA in a late night search, it was destiny!  I have been looking for an opportunity to work with children and community outreach/youth education.  I’m hoping that I can share a bit of myself with the Newcastle community and to fully immerse myself into their culture and community.  Through this immersion, I’m eager to observe, participate in, and to learn about a community, country, government, and social structure different from my own.  There’s also a hope that this experience can provide me with some clarity about my future career and educational path.  I’m looking forward to meeting the Kids Kabin team and my fellow volunteers!





                                    Elizabeth Koroleski – Worcester, MA


My name is Elizabeth Koroleski and I’m from a small town in the Thumb of Michigan called Filion. I grew up on a small dairy farm with my parents, Robert and Linda, and my younger sister, Kimberly. I have 13 first cousins on both sides of my family and I also grew up very close to many of my second and third cousins; I even had the opportunity to stand up for my cousin Sarah in her wedding in October 2011. Kimberly, Sarah, and I are all incredibly close and we enjoy having sleepovers at Sarah’s for TLC’s Friday Bride Day marathons. I went to a one-room country school one mile away from my house from kindergarten through 8th grade, then attended North Huron High School in Kinde (3 miles north of Filion) from 9th-12th. I attended Michigan State University from 2006-2013 and graduated with two degrees: a Bachelor’s in Elementary Education in 2010 and a Bachelor’s in History this past May. During my last day of my History senior seminar class in December 2012, my professor told me to look into volunteering after graduation and through that advice I found out about AMA. I am hoping that during my mission year I will meet some amazing people, get the chance to learn more about myself and my relationship with God, and that through this experience I will discover what I am called to do with my life.




Rachel Marie Recolcolin- Chaparral, NM



My name is Rachel Marie Recolcolin and I am from Weymouth, Massachusetts. This past May, I graduated from Stonehill College in Easton, Massachusetts earning my bachelor degree in International Studies. With this accomplishment, it is within my hopes of making a difference wherever I go. In the future, I hope to work with an organization that tackles with the issue of human trafficking and empower young women and girls to find their voice.   As an only child brought up in a loving and supporting family, my parents came from the Philippines in pursuit of happiness and to find the American Dream. Hard workers as they are, my parents have been my foundation never giving up on me and always motivating me to do my best in life. To me, a first generation college graduate, I feel they embody the American Dream.


As it has been a long and rewarding journey, I close another chapter in my life and embark on a new one where I am ready to take on the world and the issues it holds today. Within my senior year of college, I faced the question that has been plaguing the minds of graduating student, “What am I going to do after college? The two things that were playing tug of war in my head were: Post Grad Service or Grad School. Ultimately, my decision came to a year of service and with that choice my counselor gave me the contact number of AMA. Prior to inquiring further information, I researched the website and instantly what caught my eye was service in the Philippines. Knowing that I have never been there, I wanted to learn more about my parents’ country and understand the hardships many Filipinos face every day. As I expressed my deep interest to Director Michelle Sherman, I was excited to know more about AMA. Within our conversation and learning more about the missions, my heart was set on the program.


My faith has been a huge part in my life as a Catholic. Attending parochial schools from preschool to college, has given me more of a perspective of how I could become of service to others. Through love, compassion, and sacrifice do we as God’s children keep humanity alive. I am truly blessed and grateful to the Associate Missionaries of the Assumption for giving me this opportunity to serve with them for two years. It will be a new and exciting experience. For my first year in Chaparral, New Mexico, I hope the skills and gifts I offer may improve and strengthen the community I will work with. I look forward to mentoring the children, developing new extracurricular activities, and creating new friendships along the way. For my second year in the Philippines, I hope to empower the children to never give up on their dreams and their future especially in education. Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams,” I believe we all can achieve this.






                                     Jenna Jovellana - Cainta, Philippines



My name is Jenna Jovellana and I recently graduated from the University of St. Thomas, in St. Paul, MN with degrees in Psychology and Catholic Studies. I am the only child of Apolinar and Lori Jovellana, and I was born and raised in a small town in Wisconsin. My father, who is a doctor, immigrated from the Philippines to the United States with his family as an adult. I grew up traveling the world with my parents and the Lord has often worked through my travel experiences. As a fourteen-year old, I traveled to Louisiana for a Steubenville youth conference as well as to help with Hurricane Katrina Relief. This experience sparked a change in me which led me to take my Catholic faith more seriously.


I will be serving for the next year with L'Arche in the Philippines. It has been my dream to do international service work as well as to spend more time in the Philippines and the AMA program was the perfect fit. In the next year, what I am hoping for most is growth. I am looking forward to learning more about myself during this process--more about my Filipino heritage but also more about my own gifts and desires. I hope very much to grow in ability to love as well as in my relationship with the Lord.





Teresa Warhola – Chaparral, NM


Hello! My name is Teresa Warhola and I am from Denver, CO. I am 29 years old and some of my interests include traveling, reading, hiking, and learning about new things. I went to Regis University in Denver and graduated with a B.A. in Liberal Arts. I live with my parents, who have been married for 35 years, and also have a brother, sister-in-law, and 3 year old nephew who is the joy of our family. My faith in God is the most important thing to me. My parents raised me with a strong faith, and one of my biggest joys has been becoming Catholic this year.


I learned about AMA through an online posting on Catholic Volunteer Network and was immediately drawn to the work of teaching children, assisting with religious classes, working with immigrant families, living in community, and working firsthand with the Assumption Sisters. Some of my hopes for this mission year with AMA are to continue growing in my faith with God, to show the love of Jesus by serving the poor and marginalized, and to learn more about life as a Sister.



Welcome to the Assumption Family,

Lauren, Elizabeth, Jenna, Rachel, and Teresa!







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"Be gentle, strong, and joyful.  He who has conquered the world loves you and guides you!"

-St. Marie Eugenie