AMA Reunions


December 8, 2012 - Worcester, MA

July 13, 2013 - Lansdale, PA


Where will the next one be?  Stay tuned!






                                           Mid-Atlantic AMA Reunion

                                          Lansdale, PA - July 13, 2013



Back Row: Sr. Anne Francoise, Brian Andersson-Pickett, Sr. Lory, Kathleen Gardner, Megan Hannon

Middle Roe: Sr. Nha Trang, Liz Supple, Sr. Cecilia, Sr. Michelle, Maggie McCabe

Front Row: Sr. Mary Ann, Erin Andersson-Pickett, Heather Boughton, Melissa Tran


                                           What makes a successful reunion?

     Good people, good food, a welcoming community, and lots of laughter!


On July 13th, 2013, eight AMA alums and one spouse joined for a day of reunion, recollection, and looking ahead to future alum involvement.  Coming from Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, and Ohio, this group represented site placements of Worcester, MA; Newcastle, England; L'Arche Bognor-Regis, England; and Chaparral, NM.  They also spanned the years from 1998 to 2012! Such unity in diversity!


AMA alums Kathleen, Heather, and Melissa enjoy meeting each other before the opening prayer, which was led by Sr. Mary Ann.


After the prayer, we updated everyone on what was new in our lives!  Heather shares how her year in a the Bognor Regis L'Arche in Ireland led her to her current position as head of the L'Arche community in Cleveland, OH.  Melissa listens attentively.


After we heard from alums and RA's, the alums took some quiet time to reflect upon the pictures, cards, and memento's from their year.  Telling the story of an AMA year through physical items and memories plays a large part in keeping the values of solidarity, faith, service, and community alive in our present situations.  Next came a pizza and salad lunch from Frank's Pizza and the Lansdale community! Delicious!


The Lansdale community generously welcomed us into their community room and beautifully finished basement for sessions throughout the day. The basement features a portrait of the foundress by Sr. Helen David Brancato, IHM sister and friend of the Assumption.  Led by Sr. Helen, the RA's painted on canvas and then quotations from Marie Eugenie were superimposed on their paintings.  These hang around the space. How appropriate to be surrounded by the spirit of our foundress! Below is a sampling of these pieces of art!







         Liz, Kathleen, and Heather focusing on their crafts.  During this time, alums were invited to be 

                                     interviewed in a separate room for our upcoming AMA video!



       Two former AMA's in Worcester, Megan and Sr. Nha Trang, enjoy a creative part of the reunion:       

                making votive candle holders with tissue paper and quotes from Marie Eugenie!



            On the front steps of the Lansdale community with candles and scrapbook pages!


     After crafts and video interviews were finished, we talked about ways to increase AMA alum involvement with the current volunteers, the video, Assumption Together, the AMA logo, and the volunteers that will be coming in August.  This fruitful conversation ended just in time to join the sisters for Evening Prayer (Vespers), a few group pictures, and then off to Mass at St. Stan's Parish, which is within walking distance to the Lansdale community.  Most alums joined the community for dinner after the Mass.



                                                                             One last group picture!



                                                      Thank you to all who made this day possible!





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THANK YOU, Lansdale Community!



Srs. Lory (superior), Anne Francoise, Cecilia, Ann Teresa, Michelle, and Nha Trang opened their house to us for the weekend, and even offered hospitality to AMA's who traveled far distances!


Thank you for your welcome and attention to details! We hope to return soon!