This year, we listened to musician Jason DePue and speaker AMA Elizabeth Supple, who served as an AMA in Worcester, MA!


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AMA Speaker - Liz Supple

(Worcester AMA 2011-2012)


        I’d like to share the story of my Tuesday and Thursday morning routine at our English as a Second Language classes. It’s only a small snippet of an enormous year that was full of moments and stories, but I think it illustrates some of the overarching emotions and themes I  experienced in my AMA year. At ESL classes, I was responsible for the pre-school aged kids whose parents otherwise wouldn’t have been able to attend. Most regularly I had two kids – Nana, a 4 year old girl, and Kenny, a 4 year old boy.  And at some point during those two hours of classes they would need to use the restroom. So I would have to take them down the stairs, through the lower church, to thebathroom in the very back.

              Invariably, once we got there, Nana would remark with delight and surprise, “It’s blue!” It, of course, being to the water in the toilet bowl, while Kenny would be delighted by the suds of the soap and declare, “Bubbles!” Eventually I would get their hands rinsed and dried  and we would begin the trek back to our classroom. Unable to continue playing with soap bubbles, their joy with the bathroom would pass and they’d want to get back to the very important task of making the classroom as messy as possible. Thus, the moment I opened the bathroom door they would run towards the front of the church to go back upstairs.

              As I walked behind them, I often looked to the Tabernacle and thought, “I know I probably shouldn’t let them run, Jesus. But you understand, right?” At this same time, Nana would be about halfway up the church, pause, look back at me, and motion for me to come on and catch up with her and Kenny.

              This routine filled me with peace, and I soon came to think of it as less a routine and more a ritual. Standing there in the back of the church, one eye on the Tabernacle housing the Eucharist, other eye on my ESL babies, I knew that God was there, with us, around us, within us. I am just about the farthest thing a person can be from a mystic, but for me these moments were transcendent.

              I am tempted to say that being an AMA made me a different person, but that's not quite accurate. AMA changed me, in the best way possible, and I am so grateful for that. I wouldn't be the woman I am today without AMA, and I would not have become the AMA I was without this annual concert, which  moved me to join the Associate Missionaries of the Assumption.

              In 2011,  I was sitting at a folding table with my sisters in the back of the Chapel of St Joseph.  When the incredible Jason DePue began playing,  I found myself remembering a dinner several years ago during which my Dad  had tried to convince his friend Brian to become a priest. “Remember the story of Elijah out in the wilderness, waiting to hear God?” Although Brian probably did remember it, Dad retold it anyway, “Elijah sat in a cave and there was a great wind, fire, and an earthquake.  But God was not in those.  Then finally there was quiet and Elijah went to the mouth of the cave and listened, and there was God’s voice, in a gentle whisper.” Sitting in the back of the chapel with my sisters, I began to wonder if God was talking to me through the gentle notes of the violin.

              I was still pondering this when my youngest sister, Monica, passed me a note.  It read, “Have you ever thought about becoming an AMA? It would be perfect for you.”  Reading that note I realized that even if God does not speak through violins, he certainly speaks through little sisters.

              Being an AMA made me happier than I ever knew I was even capable of being. And I owe so much of that to you – the Assumption Family and Friends. So thank you, from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for all you do and have done to support this concert, the AMA program, and the Religious of the Assumption. Thank you for all of your kind words and prayers. Thank you for your generosity to AMA, the Assumption Center, and all of the programs we are able to run with your help. Thank you. My hope and prayer for all of you is that you may feel the overwhelming abundance of blessings and grace which I experienced during my AMA year. Thank you and God bless.


Jason DePue




AMA's in attendance: Melissa Tran, Elizabeth Koroleski, Kevin Molyneux, and Liz Supple

AMA's with Sr. Mary Ann Azanza, RA and Director Michelle Sherman



After the Concert--- Reception and Raffle time!











Thank you to all who made this day possible, especially the West Philadelphia Assumption Sisters and Friends!




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