B. Michelle Sherman

Director of AMA and Vocation Promotion




Skype: B.Michelle.Sherman

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Associate Missionaries of the Assumption (AMA)

16 Vineyard St.

Worcester, MA  01603

phone:  508.767.1356


Please feel free to contact us during this time of discernment. 

We are Happy to help you decide which service site is best suited for you. 


Thank you for considering spending a year of your life with AMA!



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"...I came ready to do, to accomplish, but really my work thus far has consisted mainly in learning to be present for other people: to listen, to share, to live with, and to constantly interact with people of different cultures;  as if being present for people was my most important "task".  I can't save the people in the shelter from their problems, but I can just be me, willing to meet them and talk with them."

Erin Tremblay

AMA, 2004-2005