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Director: Sandy Piwko

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16 Vineyard Street

Worcester, MA 01603

MY YEAR OF SERVICE SENT MY PARENTS INTO A PANIC. IT SENT ME DEEPER INTO THE HEART OF MERCY. https://udayton.edu/ministry/csc/beyond_ud/index.php

What about your parents?

You may be sold on the idea of volunteering, but your parents may not be. Many former volunteers have had that experience. While you can't force your parents to support your decision to volunteer, there is much that you can do to gain their respect and support. Here's some advise from former volunteers:

  • Be organized. Your parents won't take you seriously unless you are serious. Investigate as many programs and positions as possible. Your diligence will impress your parents.

  • Include them. Your parents need to feel included in your decision. Even after you decided to volunteer, they will need to know that you want them to be a part of your life and that you want their support during your volunteer experience.

  • Give them time. It took you time to decide to volunteer. Your parents will need time to adjust to the idea too. Even though it is your life, it's important to understand your parents' perspectives. You are probably their most important investment. So, give them time to adjust their expectations for you.  You may be surprised at their eventual understanding, or even excitement.

  • Share your resources. Think about what really made you decide to volunteer and share that with your parents. Introduce them to a person who inspired you to volunteer or share with them a book or article you found helpful.