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There is one project in Newcastle, but two locations, sponsored by the Assumption Sisters and our AMA UK Sister program, ALVP.  A short description of Kids Kabin is below, and more information can be found on the ALVP website.

  • Kids Kabin is an alternative education project based in Walker, Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Kids Kabin contributes to the regeneration of areas of economic disadvantage by providing facilities, and fun, creative educational activities, for young people to discover their talents and enhance their skills and sense of self. Young people ages 8-13 attend Kids Kabin to do woodwork, pottery, painting, fine arts, crafts, cooking, and gardening. It also runs residential trips, day outings, and camping expeditions. Kids Kabin operates on a drop-in basis; young people come and go as they choose. This project is looking for volunteers who: have an interest in the arts; enjoy working with youth; are enthusiastic about providing healthy alternatives to the disadvantaged; and would enjoy joining in the mission of the Assumption Sisters. 

  • Our volunteers live 5 minutes from Kids Kabins. Also, volunteers attend two spiritual enrichment gatherings in Kensington with other young adults during the year, plus many other outings in the country!

"The pottery wheel is very akin to doing a year of service: it is difficult and intimating at first, but once you take that first step and decide to dedicate yourself to it, you find how insightful, rewarding, and satifying it truly is." Tyler Reese 

Click below to check out reflections from previous AMA volunteers.

Newcastle, England:


Liz's video reflections below:


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