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There are a number of youth and community-based projects available in the Philippines. Our main partner in the Philippines is the AMA (Associate Missionaries of the Assumption) Volunteer Program which recruits Filipino and foreign young people willing to offer a year or two of service in teaching or apostolic ministries throughout the country. The volunteers form communities of young people committed to each member's freedom, love, growth, and service of the poor and the young.

The projects vary from year to year. Recent American and British volunteers have worked in primary and secondary schools, teaching English at the Assumptionist Langauge Center, an early childhood development center, an organization that works with street children, rebuilding projects after the typhoons of 2009, and a L'Arche community. Volunteers wishing to work in the Philippines must hold a bachelor's degree (in any discipline) and must be prepared to live with other volunteers in community houses. Given the cultural differences, they must also have a high degree of maturity and flexibility. 

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Read Kathryn Sullivan's reflection here. She was
volunteering at the Assumption Socio-Educational Center (ASEC)

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