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Day 2

Today started with a lovely hike conveniently 30 minutes from Casa de Maria Eugenia, the Sierra Vista Trail was along the Organ Mountains with the Franklin Mountains behind in the distance. We got to experience the sizable lands of New Mexico and we even got to see some cows walking freely on a trail.

In the evening we were at the refugee center, Casa del Refugiado, founded by Reuben Garcia. We met the gracious people seeking asylum in the United States.

A poem

Action of Hope - acción de la esperanza

Gracious people. Gracious hearts. Their smiles show great hope for the future and their eyes told stories only they know about. Giving to those in need always gives more to those in solidarity. Their grievances are held in the hearts of those who want to help. For if there is action there is hope.

Today was a great day and tomorrow's mysteries are awaited!


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