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First Day in Chaparral reflection by Tori Borruso

March 7th

Day one of traveling and we were met with open arms here in Chaparral. We already got to experience the great Mexican food from a restaurant called Tio Juan.

We learned more about the services that are performed by the Sisters, and we will be participating in some tomorrow.

Tonight we had prayer in their chapel that overlooks the backyard filled with the different desert plants. The prayer began with"God is the unfailing support of the just.” God is the good in all ordinary and just things. He is founded in just actions and "...those who hunger and thirst for justice, shall be satisfied..." (Matthew 5:6)

We enjoyed dinner and conversation with the lovely Assumption Sisters and we are looking forward to giving love to the community.

Side-note: We are on the lookout for roadrunners, New Mexico's state bird!!


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