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In rural Chaparral, on the US/Mexican border and about 20 miles from El Paso, the Assumption Sisters, along with their partner AMA's, work with the largely recently arrived Mexican population.

The AMAs have many projects to get involved in. Their first priority is to assist in the nearby middle-school with ESOL classes and transitioning recently arrived students; mostly from Mexico. The Sister's parish, St. Thomas More has a dedication to the poor and marginalized in the area.

Many of our AMAs have volunteered at the local prison, free legal aid project, Catholic Charities, detention centers and other nearby refugee centers. 

Our AMAs become immersed in the parish and local community. Many have assisted with parish ministry (for example, music ministry, CCD, RCIA, youth group, and First Communion preparation); and join the Sisters in many peace and justice activities.


As you can see there are many ways to serve the tremendous need in that area. 


*Two females are required to serve at a time or one/two males.


View a short film here that describes an AMA's experience in Chaparral.

 AMA Sammy takes us on a tour
of Casa Maria Eugenia, home of the volunteers in Chapa!

Sometimes they ask me jokingly, “You wanted to volunteer for a whole year, and you come to Chapa?! Why did you choose to come here?!” The question is intended to be rhetorical, but in my mind, I formulate a seemingly simple answer- the people. - Ellie Stonecash

Youth ministry nights
Walking with the children
Youth Group Halloween Party
Making dinner for migrants
Summer Camp
Sharing life with the Sisters
AMA Sammy and students
Hot air ballon festival
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