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How can you help AMA? 

AMAs need your prayers as they try to live as people centered on Christ, taking guidance from the Scriptures and receiving energy from the spirit to heal our wounded world. AMAs, like Kristin, could also use your generous financial assistance to make their mission possible. AMAs travel to and from sites largely at their own expense. They receive a small stipend that enables them to live at the level of those they are serving. In many cases, especially in the developing world, receiving communities are not able to provide health insurance for the volunteers. AMAs living in developing countries generally receive a stipend of $50 a month. Health insurance costs roughly the same amount. Would you consider sponsoring some of the cost involved in keeping our AMAs in the field, working to build community in our increasingly divided world, making Jesus Christ better known and loved wherever they are?


Help make it happen!

Be part of a story that began in 1960 and continues today. Your support will keep alive a tradition of service that has already touched hundreds of lives in our country and abroad. Please consider helping us make AMA continue to happen today.

AMA logo and service sites
AMA alum John's handiwork at Kids Kabin.

Looking to Donate?

Do you want to donate to AMA? Please click the link below to our PayPal account. Every donation is appreciated.


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"Love never says I've done enough...." -SME

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