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long-term and short-term opportunities

Build your own service experience!

At this site, the volunteers live at the Assumption Center alongside our CANA community (young adult Catholic professionals) and serve the population of the Main South neighborhood and beyond. Worcester is a diverse tapestry of cultures and languages from around the world. Volunteers work closely with the Religious of the Assumption or other community based organizations, serving those on the margins in a variety of projects. As part of a "whole community" ministry, AMA's are present to many age ranges: children, youth, and adults. AMA's "design" their service year by choosing where their desire to serve calls them through - food security, free medical clinic, youth ministry, mentoring, and parish ministry through St. Peter's parish and school (English, Spanish, African, and Children's Masses). Also, they may get involved in environmental programs, family health services, and immigration/youth law services

The Assumption Center is also the home of the "Semillas de Vida"/ "Seeds of Life" garden, which allows the gardeners from the community to live a more environmentally conscious way of life. The Center opens its doors to the community through other events and opportunities such as the Spiritual Library, Knitting Circle, program for adolescent girls (Girls with DREAMS) and occasional Lecture Series. 

Watch and learn about our great projects in Worcester!

Mentoring and ESOL


"I’m filled with gratitude and excitement as this next chapter begins, even while my illustrious AMA career draws to a close. There is neither sadness nor dread over this transition because, in truth, this will continue to be my home; the Sisters, the Assumption Center, St. Peter’s, and all of the wonderful people I’ve met over these past two years will continue to be a part of my life." Conner Morgan 2019-2021

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Conner helping out at St. Peter's food pantry on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Below teaching religion at St. Peter's Catholic school

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Girls with DREAMS Program

Semillas de Vida Community Garden

Annual Christmas Gift Giving

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