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Where will YOU?


2015-2016 AMAs are currently serving in Worcester, MA and Chaparral, NM.


2014-2015 AMAs  served in Worcester, MA; Chaparral, NM; Newcastle, England; and Iloilo City, Philippines.


2013-2014 AMAs served in Worcester, MA, Newcastle, England, Chaparral, NM, and Sibalom, Philippines.


2011-2012 AMAs served in Worcester, MA, Newcastle, England, and Cork, Ireland

2010-2011 AMA's served in England, Ireland, New Mexico, and Massachusetts

2009-2010 AMA's served in Ecuador, Mexico, New Mexico, Worcester, MA, England, and the Philippines


2008-2009 AMA's served in Mexico City, Worcester, New Mexico, the Philippines, England, and , Ecuador


2007-2008 AMA's served in Chaparral, New Mexico, Worcester, Massachusetts, Moshi, Tanzania, and Arusha, Tanzania



2006-2007 AMA's served in England, Chaparral, New Mexico, and Worcester, Massachusetts  



2005-2006 AMA's served in New Mexico, Massachusetts, Bolivia, the Philippines, England and Ireland



2004-2005 AMA's served in England, France, Bolivia, Mexico, Chaparral, New Mexico, and Worcester, Massachusetts



2003-2004 AMA's served in Tanzania, Bolivia, Ireland, France, and Worcester, MA





   "There is more happiness in giving than in receiving."      -Acts 20:35

What is AMA? 

In 1954 the Assumption Sisters founded the Associate Missionaries of the Assumption (AMA), now Assumption Mission Associates, as a way of answering the many appeals of the world. Young women and men committed themselves to work and live with Assumption communities in Asia, Africa, the Americas, and Europe, sharing their vision of the Christian transformation of society and working to make it happen. Today, the work continues.  While at their volunteer sites, AMA's find new insight into God's gifts through service to others. It is through their service that they come to understand more fully the rule of life of The Religious of the Assumption: "Love never remains idle: it makes us creative and impels us to heed all the appeals of the world and to find new ways of answering them."   The mission of AMA today, as it began over 50 years ago, remains the same and continues to enrich the lives of volunteers, religious, and those served. 

AMA Mission Statement

Assumption Mission Associates (AMA) is a ministry of young adults in collaboration with the Religious of the Assumption in their mission to effect change in society through prayer, education and community building. With the Assumption spirit, the AMA volunteers bear witness to Jesus’ love and the Church’s love for the people. The relationships that they cultivate transform them as well as the people they serve. They exercise their commitment to service in solidarity and communion, in faith and in trust.


AMA Values Statements


The AMA experience is an engagement with a faith in action- one which is aware of God’s presence at all times, within all people and experiences. This engaged faith seeks to understand and integrate beliefs and interpretations of Christian faith into practice. This commitment includes personal and communal prayer, study, and liturgy.



AMAs are impelled by faith to work for the Christian transformation of society. They serve as partners in mission with the Religious of the Assumption. In ministries of presence and education, AMAs provide direct service to the poor and marginalized while also being transformed by relationships and reflection on those experiences.


AMAs are challenged to commit themselves to the common good, to see themselves as responsible for the well-being of others, and to “work with,” rather than “do for” in their ministries. This value, deeply rooted in Catholic Social Teaching, entrusts them with the work of affirming the beauty of life, the integrity of creation, and the value of each person. Faced with situations of inequality, poverty, and injustice, AMAs commit themselves to building a society where there is more justice, more solidarity, and more humanity.


AMAs live in close-knit, joyful, communities characterized by a commitment to personal and communal growth, the values of a simple lifestyle, and the willingness to put “we” before “me” in thought and practice. This includes intentionality in the ways resources are shared and spent, cultivating a spirit of welcome and hospitality, and taking an active role in the community of AMAs, Religious of the Assumption, and ministry.


What's It Like to Be an AMA?

AMA volunteers see and experience life through the eyes of others: those to whom they minister and those with whom they live. Living in community with other volunteers, AMA’s find the support of peers and shared experiences. In addition, AMA's will receive guidance from the Religious of the Assumption, women who have vowed to live a life dedicated to service to God, education, and community living. Whether you want to serve as a teacher in Rwanda, in a parish in Worcester, MA, in one of the many community development projects in the Philippines, or in ministry in Mexico City; whether you are a recent college graduate or a young professional dissatisfied with the workplace and looking for more meaning in your life, your primary role as an AMA will be to empower the poor, the young and the marginalized.  Living with and serving the poor,  AMA's discover who they really are and how their faith is deeply a part of them.  They also realize that "You may never know what results come from your action.  But if you do nothing, there will be no results."  --- Gandhi   They take a chance, put their beliefs into action and find that their lives are made fuller beyond words along the AMA journey. 

Who Are the AMA's?

AMA's are young people from all over the country who find the beliefs of Saint Marie Eugenie appealing.  She believed that "this Earth is a place of glory for God"  and that  each of us has a responsibility to reflect that glory.  AMA's come from Florida and Rhode Island; from San Diego and Philadelphia; from St. Louis and Sweet Home, Oregon.  They are graduates of Gonzaga University and Stanford; Assumption College and Tulane University.  Some have spent some years in the work force; some are new graduates.  What unites them is a common zeal for service, for building the Kingdom of God here on Earth.  They choose to make a commitment to spend a year or two in service to others, living in communities marked by sharing, direct service to the neediest in society, and prayer.  And growing a bit themselves along the way. 

How Can You Become an AMA?

Please refer to the Apply Now page for more details on how to become an AMA.  If you think AMA may be a good decision for you, and if you are between 22 and 30 years old, we invite you to begin the process of application.  We require:

  • Conversation with AMA director (please contact at: before applying).
  • Completed Application Form.
  • Two references (one personal, one professional) to be sent directly from reference.
  • Medical form completed by your doctor or your college Health & Wellness Center.
  • Conversation with a licensed counselor. Speak with your college Health & Wellness or Counseling Center and let the AMA director know when you have set the appointment.
  • $10.00 application fee (make checks payable to Associate Missionaries of the Assumption)
  • Personal interview (Scheduled with director after all forms and letters are received.)

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis with preference given to those received first. 

Once your paperwork is complete, we schedule a personal interview to get to know you better. This completes the application process. Our volunteer year begins in mid-August with a mandatory orientation program in Worcester, MA and continues through the following July.  Please feel free to call or e-mail Michelle Sherman- 610.999.6938 or at any time during the process if you have questions or concerns. 

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"When I am afraid, I will trust in you."

         ~Psalm 56:3







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"God led me into this program for a reason, and one of the most important things that
has been revealed to me is that the more I give myself away, the fuller I become.  I’m not sure exactly how it works, but I am not one to question God’s graces.  I am reminded, though, of a song I used to listen to when I was younger. It says simply that, “Love isn’t love, unless you give it
away,” I guess that is where the service aspect comes in."

Robin LaRouche

AMA New Mexico



"I am reminded of a quote by St. Philip Neri: “Cast yourself into the arms of God and be very sure that if He wants anything of you, He will fit you for the work and give you strength.” Working up the nerve to teach a small class of ESL may not seem like a very big triumph but like a lot of things this year it took a certain amount of trust. Trust in myself; that I was capable of more than I thought and more importantly, trust in God; that he truly would fit me for the work he asked of me."

Liz Clayton

AMA Worcester



"The biggest thing I’ve learned is the need to help in a humble and undramatic manner, without seeking to place myself at the center of things.  The less a person tries to place themselves at the center of the world around them, the more they’re able to enjoy the people and the moments around them for what they are."

Paul Siska

AMA Mexico


".....At a young adults conference one summer I went to a talk on discerning your vocation presented by one of the sisters. I will never forget the first thing she said to us. “We all have the SAME call, the SAME vocation.” What? How can that be? She then said, “Yes, we are all called to Love. It is in finding our capacity to Love through the gifts that He has given us that we find out how to carry out that call through our vocation.”

...Fast forward a few years.  How am I being called to Love now?Here at L'Arche, God has been challenging me to Love in ways I never thought possible. He was challenging the way I Love and show Love to others. It all started when I read Afton’s reflection in the October newsletter. She realized through an interaction with a man in line at the food pantry that she saw him through the world’s eyes and not through those of Christ. She also realized that those who seem different from us really aren’t all that different. I don’t think it was a coincidence then that I am the only one in my house that speaks English as a first language among other differences. It became easy to fall into looking at them through the eyes of the world instead of Christ’s eyes. I was only focusing on how different we were from each other. ... I am not only called to Love and serve a certain population or group of people through my work or my ministry. I am called to also Love and serve those who are called to serve with me, no matter what our differences are, even if we don’t see eye to eye on things. Love is not limited."

Heather Boughton


L'Arche Bognor-Regis