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Day 3

Today was a simple day. I had breakfast with Sandy and added a touch of color with new curtains in Casa Maria Eugenia, the AMA house. We enjoyed a lunch with the sisters, and had a meeting with a wonderful woman who works for Catholic Charities in Las Cruces.

Later in the evening we had prayer in light of it being Saint Mary Eugénie's feast day tomorrow. Marie Eugénie once said, "Each one of us is the object of a choice and of the call of Love."

This resonated with me because I believe that all the choices that we make, get us to where we are currently. We are always trying to make the best choice as a way to improve and grow where we are planted.

Most choices are made better when we make them with the call of love. Love is not only a feeling but is a part of us in everything that we do. It's a spectrum and when we don't love where or what we are, it indicates that love is lacking. When we love where we are at, there is an abundance of it.

It's much simpler to make choices that are in the interest of only ourselves, but when we make choices in the call of love we make choices that are better for those around us, and in the end better for ourselves.

Choice is a part of nature, once it is made it cannot be unmade. Love is something that can be grown and can be wilted; what we water grows. Unlike choice, the capability of love is unlimited.

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