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Day 4

Happy Feast day St. Marie Eugenie!

We started today in Mass with a service for the lovely foundress and Saint of the Assumption, Marie Eugenie. All day was accompanied with sweet treats and blessings to her.

We then accompanied the Sisters on their weekly trip to the CDR!

The refugee center, Casa del Refugiado, is a place of never ending hope. It offers the ability to meet every human necessity in an organized way.

There's an area to receive new clothes, to change clothing before leaving, an area to receive basic health necessities, and the behind the scenes to create an environment that is filled with compassion.

The Salvation Army cooks three meals a day for the center, laundry is completed by volunteers, some like the Religious of the Assumption whom come weekly and other volunteer programs for a short period of time.

The whole center is covered in murals and colorful walls, the people who volunteer here offer a sense of light in heavy times. While the center itself offers secure temporary housing, and never the fear of missing a meal.

Too often we are informed through media the weaponization of immigration in the United States, and the poor conditions other humans are facing while trying to seek refuge. Casa del Refugiado, is a brave space that allows for hope to blossom and to get a start on a new life in an organized fashion while also meeting the basic human needs we all deserve.

It was such a blessing to offer any solitude towards people seeking immediate help. Having any involvement in a place as pure and devoted to help, was an honor I wish many to witness.


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