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Final Day

On our final day in Chaparral we woke up with about 2 inches of snow on the ground!!! Hard to believe in New Mexico's desert it would look a lot like Worcester, MA. It was absolutely mind boggling.

After the snow melted we headed to the sisters for afternoon prayer and lunch. we enjoyed lovely conversation and they gave Sandy and I the idea to go to la Mesilla. it was located about 35 minutes from the AMA house and it is a quaint town. Chili peppers hung from the light posts, and it faced the Organ Mountains.

Sandy and I walked around the local shops with items that were either handmade here in New Mexico or somewhere around the world, the sale of course makes its way back across the world. It is always nice to shop locally and give back to the community. This was an amazing place to practice doing so.

Later in the evening we shared our last meal with the Sisters at Big Mama's, a Chinese restaurant in Chaparral.

Altogether, it was an informative trip to find out more about the world around me and the different lives that are had within the same country. Being able to volunteer here at another one of our AMA locations has been an experience I truly could not forget. Each day was filled with love, great conversation, beautiful sceneries and even better company. I am thankful to have met the sisters here who are devoted to making their community stronger by giving the people a voice and living mindfully.


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